TIS Cumbria Ltd is proud to employ some of the most highly skilled, internationally qualified welders in the industry. With our own in-house training facility we constantly invest in our workforce and innovative orbital welding equipment:

Orbital Welding

TIS Cumbria Ltd is renowned for our quality welding, so with an increasing demand for 360 degree welds, the company has invested in specialist orbital welding equipment.

TIS Cumbria Ltd had the confidence and foresight to be one of the first manufacturers to purchase their own orbital welding equipment in Cumbria.

Arc Machine

This new state of the art orbital welder is highly precise and has complete control over heat input and weld penetration.  This allows us to produce the highest quality continuous welds with a uniform, flat root pass that are aesthetically pleasing and meets the highest nuclear standards.

Specifically engineered to cope with a wide range of materials, it is versatile giving us flexibility, adaptability and portability.

Quality, Repeatability, Quantity, Reliability

Welding skill and experience for nuclear partnership

At TIS Cumbria Ltd we are fully aware of the rigorous demands of the nuclear sector and use these same standards throughout all projects - nuclear and non nuclear. We are proud to be forging partnerships with Tier 2 contractors, providing specialist skills, equipment and added value to their businesses.