Inspection and N.D.T.

Inspection and NDTInspection and NDT has always been core to our business. TIS Cumbria Ltd has invested heavily, ensuring we have the capacity and qualified staff to analyse welds, fabrication and process plant with our own highly calibrated equipment:

•    Visual inspection carried out by qualified CSWIP Inspectors
•    Dye Penetrant Inspection (D.P.I)
•    Magnetic Particle Inspection (M.P.I.)
•    Ultrasonic Testing Inspection (U/T Inspection)
•    Industrial Radiography (X-Ray and Gamma)
•    Parent Material Identification (PMI)

To support this work we have a secure, specially shielded radiography unit, audited by the Health Protection Agency.

At TIS Cumbria Ltd, our Quality Assurance Engineers and NDT technicians are fully qualified and receive continuous training and refresher courses to maintain and exceed industry standards.